“If you don’t like where you are, change it. You’re not a tree.” (Jim Rohn)

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

Preview: May Day Weekender Bikepacking Trip

An overnighter in the North York Moors. I had a horrific headwind for the entire first leg and camped in some woods that I found after only 20 miles in the end. Way short of the 50 I’d planned! It was like pedalling uphill the entire way there.

The second leg I had a tail wind but, typically, it had died down significantly. Oh well, at least descents were descents again today!

This is a preview video and doesn’t include the GoPro shots, the full video is coming soon.

Today’s smoothie is made with coconut milk, two bananas, a handful of mixed frozen berries, a mango and a drop of vanilla extract.  Mmmmm!

The perfect reward for finishing the full Ashtanga Yoga primary series.

Fitness Update Sunday 16th April

These are my exercise totals for the week up until today.

Mountain Biking – 182.3 miles / 2,653m ascending across approx 26 hours of riding.

Climbing – 2 hours casual indoor climbing, lead and second.

Ashtanga Yoga – 4 hours across 3 sessions.

Gym – no gym.

Swim – no swimming.

Fitness Update Sunday 9th April

These are my exercise totals for the week up until today.

Mountain Biking – 50.1 miles / 1,330m ascending across 3 rides.

Climbing – 2.5 hours casual indoor climbing, lead and second.

Ashtanga Yoga – 2.5 hours across 2 sessions.

Gym – no gym.

Swim – no swimming.

Guisborough Town and Forest Ride (Luggage-Carrying Capacity Trial)

Today I got a bit more of a test run in, with bike loaded up with overnight kit.  I was carrying 16kg in a setup good enough for a one-nighter, or perhaps multiple nights if travelling where food and water is readily available. I rode a total of 18.3 miles with just over 500m of ascending, across a variety of terrains including road, forest track, former railway and singletrack. Continue reading “Guisborough Town and Forest Ride (Luggage-Carrying Capacity Trial)”

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” (Napoleon Hill)

Fitness Update Sunday 2nd April

These are my exercise totals for the week up until today.

Mountain Biking – 35.4 miles / 967m ascending across 3 rides.

Gym – no gym.

Swim – no swimming.

Ashtanga Yoga – 3 hours across 3 sessions.

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living” (Eckhart Tolle)

The Seeds of Adventure are Planted

This is my story, from the seeds being planted to starting Travel Slowly and making my adventure happen.  This is the story of how an obsession to see the world began, how I discovered many of the things I enjoy: travel, yoga, rock climbing; those that I plan to combine with my slow living philosophy and life long passion for mountain biking to create the ultimate adventure that will be my life.

Continue reading “The Seeds of Adventure are Planted”

About Travel Slowly

Isn’t it scary how time flies? I mean, it’s nearly March as I write, yet last summer feels like yesterday.  I know that perception of time speeds up as we get older but it never fails to take me by surprise.  Slow living can help slow down this acceleration of time by helping us appreciate day-to-day moments all that much more.  Slow travel is an extension of this philosophy that incorporates seeing the world and really spending time getting to know each place instead of always dashing off to see the next viewpoint or attraction. Continue reading “About Travel Slowly”

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